#BBnaija: Lolu breaks the internet as he finally melts Cee-C’s heart

There was a shocking turn of events on Big Brother Naija last night following the pairing of Lolu and Cee-C .

Though they started off to a slow start,by night Lolu magically succeeded in gaining Cee-C’s trust and made her open up in ways which shocked everyone,even those who disliked her for her cold shoulder treatment towards her partner Tobi.

Cee-C confessed she was jealous of Tobi being paired with Lolu and even called out Biggie for separating her from the only person she likes in the house .

When Tobi and Bam Bam retreated into the room,Cee-C even wanted to go and peep,but was restrained by Lolu.

Lolu made her openly send a Valentine’s day message to Tobi .

The shocking part is,while Cee-C was bothered Tobi was getting too comfortable with Bam Bam ,when the camera panned to where they slept,Tobi was wide awake and restless as he couldn’t sleep .

Lolu is being hailed on Twitter as the real MVP for bringing Cee-C out of her shell.

The conversation between Lolu and Cee C is now said to be the highlight of the show so far.

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