Big Brother Naija: 5 important things you probably missed on day 2

Check out everything you probably missed on Big Brother Naija day 2 ,From Miracle and Nina’s steamy kiss to hilarious social media reactions

Big Brother Naija: Double Wahala Day 2 recap

It’s not easy to keep up with a reality show like “Big Brother Naija,” so here are some important things you probably missed on day 2 of the new season.

Check out a recap of day two, including social media reactions.

1. The first kiss of the season

A barely dressed Miracle and Nina shared the first kiss of the season while in the shower.

The kiss also came two days after Nina publicly said she wasn’t interested in finding in love in the house, as she is already in a relationship.

Of course, Nigerians had quite a lot to say about the unexpected kiss.

2. The 2nd Diary Session

During the diary sessions, the housemates praised their rapid bonding skills, communal efforts and individual talents amongst them.

Teddy A also revealed that he wants Nina out at the first chance. K.Brule says colourism is working against him.Khloe is ready to bite anyone who gets too close to her. And Alex doesn’t trust anyone in the house.

When Biggie asked the housemates what they miss most outside the house, most of them mentioned their loved ones.

The biggest surprises came from Dee-One, Ifu Ennada, Bitto and Vandora, who completely melted out and uncontrollably cried.

3. Potential relationships in the Big Brother Naija house

Initially, it seemed like Miracle was attracted to Ifu Ennada, but even though the former has already shared a kiss with Nina, he still thinks it’s too early to fall in love.

Bitto has already made a slight play for Princess by snuggling up to her in bed, and Tobi insinuated that he has a thing for Cee-C – a choice which Khloe isn’t excited about.

4. A dramatic Khloe

During the group discussions for their task, Khloe got extremely fired up when deciding on her group’s colour, and got into an argument with Dee-One.

Ahneeka told her to “stop bringing negative energy” into the situation. Tobi tried to intervene but this only made things worse. While Leo shared his opinion about Khloe’s seemingly bossy behaviour.

5. funniest reactions to Day 2 of Big Brother Naija: Double Wahala

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