Brazilian Teenager Puts Up Her V!rg!n!ty For Sale For N133 Million, See Her Rules (Photos)

A 19-year-old Brazilian Teenager, identified as Rosalie Pinho from Minas Gerais is selling her V!rg!n!ty in a desperate bid to make money for her poor family, including buying her mom a new home.

The teenage girl is reportedly accepting bids starting at £264,000 (N133,491,182.33) from ‘gentlemen’ who want to spend the night (12 hours) with her.

In an interview with MailOnline, Rosalie said she’s selling her V!rg!n!ty because her family face ‘great financial difficulties’ and have struggled to afford food on several occasions.

She says she is hoping to raise enough money to relocate to a larger city, buy a house for her mother and pay her college fees.

The 19-year-old is also planning to set up her own business with the cash, which she hopes will help her ‘live without many financial worries’.

She said: ‘I’ve never dated anyone and the maximum contact I’ve had with other guys is limited to a few kisses.

‘At first, the idea of sleeping with a complete stranger scared me, but I got used to the idea and I’d rather lose my V!rg!n!ty in this way than with someone who will break my heart.’

The Brazilian also claimed that she has received offers of up to £440,000 already.

‘It would not affect me much, people’s opinions will not help solve my problems [but] the auction is going to. We live in the age of $exual freedom, it’s my body, it’s my rules.’

Listing her criteria for accepting candidates, Rosalie says: ‘Only that the winner has no venereal disease, I do not care about age, ethnicity, appearance, religion, musical taste or anything else.

‘And I hope, of course, that he is kind to me at our meeting.’

She added: ‘The V!rg!n!ty auction is considered as prostitution and prostitution is considered legal in Brazil, so there is nothing wrong with what I am doing.’

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