Exclusive Interview with Nigeria Afro pop singer “Kelvin Kellz” | @iamkelvinkellz

Host: Can we meet you ??

Kelvin Kellz: Yes, my name is Kelvin Kellz and I do music for a living

Host: Your State Of Origin?

Kelvin Kellz: Enugu state

Host: How do you come about your stage name KELLZ

Kelvin Kellz: Well, I was just trying to make out words from The name Kelvin and same time put up something simple cause I love simplicity, I eventually started with Skellz but along the way I had to opt for Kellz instead… Its more relatable and cool


Host: When Did You Started Your Music Career Officially?

Kelvin Kellz: I officially kicked off my music career in the year 2013, I started of with a group called Kushkamp. We made records together and individually, I voiced my first song with the group, the song was the group’s first single back then. The name of the single was Tina and it went a little bit viral for beginners if you ask me cause it really took us places and it made me the person I’m today, gained a lot of experience from my journey so far


Host: Are you still together with the group ? or you parted?

Kelvin Kellz: We are still together as group but we focused on our solo career for now cause school took us far from each other at the moment, we might hook up real soon and work on a jam, only time will tell


Host: That cool,  Does your parent support your Music carer?

Kelvin Kellz: Yes of course, long as it doesn’t affect my educational aspect


Host: Where does your inspiration comes from?

Kelvin Kellz: Happiness if I may say and previous work


Host: Which Musician do you look up to in the industry

Kelvin Kellz: I look up to many, likes of Wiz, Olamide, Davido and many others out there doing their unique things


Host: If you have opportunity to work with any Artist,  who will that be?

Kelvin Kellz: Mehn it has to be Olamide!


Host: Wow,  so what your genre of Music

Kelvin Kellz: I’m really versatile with the genre but Rap and Afro pop if I may say, I love to explore sounds and get creative with it

Host: What are you challenges you are facing as an entertainer

Kelvin Kellz: Umm, I can’t really dwell much cause I always strive to get what I want, I just put in all my efforts to make good music and hope for the best but it will really be a nice thing for the industry to build a platform that can help promote the underground artists to high level without much expenses


 Host: In Case Music Doesn’t Obey,  What Is Or What Are Your Alternative Options?

Kelvin Kellz: There’s always a plan b😄, I actually play football very well. I can set up businesses too, man just have to work hard to put up nice results


Host: Why didnt you focus on been a footballer earlier??

Kelvin Kellz: I have a huge passion for football, I even played for a team but it’s very very hard to succeed as a footballer in this country, the politics there is too much, I really pray the government can intervene cause there’s a lot of talents wasting away in this country and it’s sickening


Host: You are right about this, For the purpose of the beautiful ladies out there,  Can you tell us your relationship status.

Kelvin Kellz: Lol, I like to keep some part of my life private and low key but for now I’m focused on my career



Host: Your Greatest Disappointment?

Kelvin Kellz: I’ve encountered a lot of fake friends and I’m hugely been disappointed by few (I don’t really want to go in to details)


Host: For the purpose of the beautiful ladies out there,  Can you tell us your relationship status.

 Kelvin Kellz: Lol, I like to keep some part of my life private and low key but for now I’m focused on my career


 Host: So the beautiful ladies can come around right?

Kelvin Kellz: Anyone can come around, I don’t bite😉


Host: What should we be expecting from you soon?

Kelvin Kellz: Mehn a lot is coming, videos, new singles, top collaborations and by God’s grace an EP


Host: Alright..  We will be on the watch,, One word for your fans out there

Kelvin Kellz: I’ll never let you guys down, keep supporting and always buy my content, I promise to always go hard and make you guys proud #KellzArmy


Host: Thanks for your time Boss

Kelvin Kellz: Anytime bro, I appreciate✌



IG: @iam_kelvinkellz

Twitter: @iamkelvinkellz


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