Fix up your lives!, Angry Social media user blasts #BBNAIJA viewers 

Another concerned Nigerian has taken to social media to blast the contestants and viewers of the ongoing Big Brother Naija campaign which features 20 housemates gunning for a whopping prize money of N45 million.

He wrote via his whatsapp status; 

I stand against Bbn. Each and one is entitled to his or her opinion. But I can Never let my hatred for such show be hidden. I’m not against the nudity or strong language, but I’m against its mediocrity. For people who watch BBN, only on Saturday’s, the following steps will be good for you. 

1st step: queue and collect your PVC. 

2nd step: get acquited to the E-voting process online. 

3rd step: go for trial tests On The voting machines. 

4th step: Owanbe

5th step: repeat process all over again, if steps are unaccomplished, repeat 2-5 till BBN finishes.

He also added;

I bet You fans of BBN has a retirement Like an old bounty hunter,  I see no reason why a sane human being, I’m really emphasising on “sane human” would choose to watch a circus show where the contestants live a fake life and the contestants go broke after a year. The uneducated northerners are getting acquitted to e-voting and you will be the first ones to be shouting Nepotism. yorubas are the main problems of Nigeria. Set of educated illiterates. Omo Odua Ghera nle 😬😬, I’m not speaking as a politician but as a guy next door. It’s Barbaric. 

Yemi Ayoola. 

(born and bred in our state) 

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